Hiring a service of expert, impartial and expeditious is important to obtain a clear and free as the goods are really worth, as well as for the various situations that require determinations of values​​, by someone who is not directly involved in the business.

Valuation of Urban Estate
Valuation of Industrial Property
Valuation of Rural Property
Valuation of Industrial Machinery and Equipment
Valuation of Agricultural Machines and Implements
Valuation of Vehicles, Vessels and Aircrafts
Valuation of Furniture and Fixtures
Valuation of Rent
Valuation of Asset
Economic Valuation
Valuation for Banking and Credit Guarantee
Valuation for Expropriation
Neighbors Report
Study and Project Viability
Evaluation Companies

Buy and Sell
Mergers and Acquisitions Business
Rental Value
Determining the Real Value of Assets

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